My Little French Café

Bienvenue au café  out in our garden! On this day the sun was peeking in and out as the garden was coming alive and greening up so I had to get outside and enjoy it. Staying home has been a blessing for me with more time to work in the garden and to create a little café at home…

In early February I found these bistro chairs on clearance sale at HomeGoods (not sponsored) for $79 and $72 by Ralph Lauren. Made of outdoor resistant webbing, they are perfect for a small sitting area! One has broken webbing on one leg but I am okay with it.  

For a month I debated about returning them. Did we really need new chairs? Our outdoor patio set is fine and just needs new cushions. We did bring them from California in order to save money and not purchase a new set for some time. I could and still may repaint them to give them a refresh. 

Love, love the open look of the patio now! Less clutter and there is space for an umbrella when the sun gets hot later in summer (hence the umbrella stand in the corner).

Mr. Ethereal and I talked about them at length. It is nice to have something new and he really likes them, too. The pandemic was just starting to affect the United States when I found these chairs and travel anywhere outside the US was now off the table for 2020. 

This year of all years I was hoping he and I could take a trip to Italy and/or France for our anniversary next fall, so… 

This little café is partly my alternative to going away to Europe and part of this spring’s virtual travel series. 🔐 So today we have tea in the garden including a loaf of cranberry orange bread from Market Street  grocery in Highland Village making for a lovely al fresco afternoon tea for two…

I found many wonderful street cafés and restaurants from all over Europe online just be doing a Google search and I have fallen in love with this style of chair. I love their size and they come in amazing colors! 

Janet over at ShabbyFufu shared a manufacturer over in Paris in a recent post ~ Maison Louis Drucker ~ which may be the originator of this style of bistro chair. The company has been around since 1885, after all. 

outdoor dining room french style pea gravel
Outdoor Dining Room ~ French Style Patio Design

This is Janet’s beautiful garden setting in the Miami, Florida area… I looked up those chairs since Janet had a link. Hers are from Birch Lane

Finding these two chairs for such an great price is pretty hard to beat! The Drucker style chairs Janet has cost over $200 each (and may have been sponsored), so it wasn’t too hard to see that these were an amazing deal.

Most of what we own has been found that way ~ either on clearance or for $200 or less for whatever piece of furniture I was thinking to buy. Most of our sofas, living room furniture and French style dining chairs are thrift store finds or came from garage sales.

The bistro table above was on sale from Lowe’s found at the end of summer a couple of years ago for $29! I wrote this Parisian post sharing it for the first time.

More changes are happening out here and plants have been moved about but that’s pretty normal for me! Probably with you, too. 

Here’s the latest incarnation of this little corner off the patio. You may have seen this area when I shared the latest Pinterest challenge post.

And here’s our outdoor maiden in her spot that I shared when I worked on redoing these French style terracotta pots as part of a spring DIY and craft round-up…

The patio area now is pretty perfect and I am just doing some painting to update everything. I’ll share more of that later this week (I hope!). 

I did pick up a new plant stand and shared that last week in the Pinterest Challenge…

See how the Spanish lavender in the white plastic bucket doesn’t fit…
As pretty as it was the geometry of it was off… I couldn’t put any large pots in the lowest and middle tiers, so I called Meador’s Nursery. They were able to exchange it and the new stand is just right!

A view  out into the garden…
I am happier with the garden bench back where it has been for a year now and you’ll see the new plant stand in this next post. 


Thanks for visiting outdoors with me today! We have had really pretty nice weather this spring although now the humidity and heat are rolling in from the Gulf. (I like the cooler south-westerly breezes and breezes from Canada and the Dakotas much better!!)

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14 thoughts on “My Little French Café”

  1. What a lovely spot to dream about the trips you and the hubby will be taking one day when all the craziness is over. Enjoy your lovely weather Barbara , it's starting to get chilly here and the leaves have started turning so I'm a little envious.

  2. I like your terracotta pots and your plants look so healthy and beautiful in them. Your bistro set is gorgeous and I hope one day you get your trip to Europe when all this is over and we are back to normal.

  3. Thank you, Thelma! I think travel will make a BIG COMEBACK when everyone is inoculated against this latest disease. A little trouble with spider mites and black spot on the roses but that's normal for Texas. Hate spraying but it is a must. Happy spring and I hope your weather is beautiful up there in Quebec,Barb 🙂

  4. Hello Anita! It is. On days when it is just 80 degrees like today, it is perfect out there to just enjoy listening to birds or to putter in the yard. Hope you have a fun area to sit at your home, too.Happy spring,Barb 🙂

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