Make a French-Inspired Door Decoration for Spring ~ A Pinterest Challenge

Hello friends! Welcome back and welcome to this month’s fun Pinterest Challenge where a group of friends gets together and creates a vignette, a project or tablescape (among other things!) based off of an inspiration piece.

A Spring Door Decoration
 is our Pinterest Challenge this time and we thank Cindy of County Road 407 for bringing us all together for this challenge. If you are stopping by from Katie of Let’s Add Sprinkles I hope you enjoy my creation! Didn’t Katie have such a pretty door hanger? Love her sweet bunny! Well, gang, let’s get creating!!! 

This month’s adorable spring door decor idea comes from Jill at Create Craft Love. Jill calls her door hanger a Garden Hose Spring Wreath. It is simple and totally cute!

Here is what I took away from Jill’s inspiring front door decor…

  • an everyday rolled-up garden hose cleaned and dried
  • a fun striped pair of gardening gloves
  • faux flowers in bright colors
  • a cheerful ombre bow to tie it all together

Make it your own!

Now there is no way  I could possibly top this cute hose idea! However, I do have a French-style metal basket I have wanted to hang on our front door for a while now.

Supplies needed to make this French-Inspired Door Decoration

  • a wire basket to use as a base ~ this is like the one I found last fall at Hobby Lobby.
  • yellow parrot tulips and white daisies (or any spring florals to match your decor)
  • sheet and loose sphagnum moss
  • floral foam brick
  • pieces of felt (scratch protection)
  • a faux bird or two
  • grosgrain ribbon
  • jute twine
  • hot glue gun and gluesticks
  • a pretty spring glove

Big tip: Hot glue a piece or two of felt to the back of the wire basket to prevent scratches on your door or wall where your basket decoration will hang. Then…

Add sheet moss to the bottom of your wire basket. These cut pieces I used last spring for our Spring Centerpiece Pinterest Challenge.  Add pieces of loose sphagnum moss up the walls of the basket next.

Spiller, Filler and Thriller

Add a brick of floral foam into your wire basket and begin adding florals. I started with pieces of realistic-looking ivy tendrils as my “spiller” falling loosely over the basket edge. 

Next, cut off about 3′ of ribbon and fold the ribbon back and forth,  pinch in the middle and cut triangles out of the center of all folded pieces. Add a twist tie around the middle and attach to your wire basket.

*Fun ombre ribbon craft idea!

I added a grosgrain bow in a pale yellow to emulate the inspiration ribbon. I looked for ombre shaded ribbon but no go… 

  • It would be pretty easy to make-your-own ombre ribbon with lightly dipping the ribbon held horizontally into a bleach/water solution (cotton-based ribbon works best!) — 1/3 way up. Let the ribbon rest on a paper towel until the color changes. Rinse with clear water and let dry on fresh paper towels.

  • Once dry, dip a second time in the bleach/water solution but up to 2/3 of the way up. Let sit on paper towels again until the desired color is reached. Rinse in clear water a second time and let dry on fresh paper towels again. You should see two “colors” of bleached ribbon now ~ three colors total including the original color.  😊
  • Enjoy your ombre ribbon! 
*note: I did not make an ombre ribbon due to time constraints but otherwise I would have!

Love how realistic these tulips are!  They remind me of the
beautiful tulips I saw in planters when I was over in England
during the spring of 2005.
Then, add the “filler and thriller” parrot tulips and daisies so the tulips sit a little higher in the arrangement. The parrot tulips are the “thriller,” of course!


Tip: When you place your tulips into the floral foam, add the stems straight up and down to make those faux tulips look more realistic. Oddly enough, they tend to flop just like real tulips!

Taken while I was still noodling how and what to add…

Cut off a four-foot length of jute twine and weave and wind into a nest shape. Add this to your basket and place your birdie into its nest.

Tweaked just a little more for the final look!

And here is my French-inspired spring door decor basket hanging out on our front door! Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you will continue the tour with a visit to Terrie of Decorate and More With Tip whose door decoration is perfect for her style. You are going to love what Terrie did with her garden hose! 

A list of everyone on today’s tour is linked at the bottom for you. 💚

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Enjoy this fun spring door tour!

24 thoughts on “Make a French-Inspired Door Decoration for Spring ~ A Pinterest Challenge”

  1. Your front door looks so cheerful and happy! I'd love seeing that if I were your neighbor! Great tips too. Thanks so much for joining in. I hope you are enjoying your time at home. Pinned!

  2. Thank you, Cindy! I am enjoying being home but feeling guilty, too. Prayers for all of our students to stay well… <3 Thanks again for creating this hop,Barb 🙂

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