A Snow Day in the Garden…

We awoke  Saturday morning to snow gently falling outside and for the next three hours we had soft flurries. Here is just a short look around our home and our neighborhood…

I love  the way snow highlights everything around it adding drama and quiet excitement to everything it dusts. Every winter since moving to Texas we have had snow, usually just after Christmas. So fun to be at our new Texas home this year to experience snow!

I posted just a few pics and a video out on Instagram and here. This was a perfect way to begin the weekend! With no where to be and just working on a baby shower gift in the craft room, this was a perfect day to stay inside and enjoy watching snowflakes fall…

I tossed out some seed for the doves who are too big for the new bird feeders we picked up
during Black Friday sales at Lowe’s and Walmart.

After a quick run out at 5:30am to cover plants ~ the temps had been 56 degrees F. at 12:30pm the last time I was up but dropped to 32 degrees sometime after that ~ the sky really opened up shaking sugar snow everywhere in Denton County.

A view from the kitchen window.

This snowy day brought out a day of cooking with scrambled eggs, bacon and bagels for breakfast. 

Soup and cornbread, yum!

Later the house filled with the scent of a pot of beans simmering on the stove.

Meanwhile snow continued falling…

At the peak of this little snowstorm… 1-2″ of fresh fallen snow…

A couple of views from the front windows.

For just a few hours we had a world transformed… 
Just lovely!

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7 thoughts on “A Snow Day in the Garden…”

  1. I hope you didn't get damage during the storms in your area this past weekend. They were showing TX one minute on weather channel, then here in Lansing. Our storm didn't materialize as much as they thought but it looked like yours were pretty bad. The snow is pretty (I hate to say!) But prettier there than here. I hope it is gone by Thursday when I arrive in Dallas area for a few days. I see enough of it here. Better check the weather report!

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