Transition in the New Year ~ How to Change from Christmas to French Nordic Winter Decor

It’s New Year’s Eve and Father time is striking the clock on another year, can you believe it? After the merriment of reds and greens for Christmas and the holidays, I am ready for some neutrals and whites and maybe you are too, so… 
For this New Year’s post it’s all about what to do to make the transition from Christmas-y decor to a French Nordic warm winter look. 

Let’s check out some ways to make your home pretty and inviting for the winter months!

Get the Look ~ what to remove, what to leave

 Currently several Santas are visiting our china hutch in the dining room area but those will be easily removed along with the Christmas red poinsettia candle (gold pot, top shelf) and the large green candle below. Leaving out pretty silver and pewter serving pieces as well as any white china is key to banishing the wintertime decor blues!

The red and white transferware plates will be swapped with creamware. Already on the back kitchen counter I’ve restyled the server with vintage pink and white transferware pieces and fresh winter white Italian dinner plates.

Our Prairie Home is our 41′ Heartland Charleston
Landmark 365 fifth-wheel trailer. Here the window
display is all set with winter whites.

That big sparkly snowflake candleholder will also make the cut adding a soft glow through its opaque glass on cold winter nights. Pottery Barn has the best selection of small candleholders if you haven’t shopped their selection in-store or online before. I will add in some of those that I used a lot in our “Prairie Home.”

Clearing the clutter is the next big thing for freshening up one’s wintertime decor. Here I have removed our table runner and all the centerpieces from fall and Christmas. Clean, bright and white lends a feeling of calm and a bit of French Nordic peacefulness.

Leave the bling

If you have a chandelier in your kitchen dining area and you haven’t added crystal and mercury glass ornaments on it before now, pull them out and go for it! This added bling keeps a home from feeling blah after all of the holiday color is packed away.

Leave any winter white-decorated Christmas trees and add in more white to your vignettes in the form of books with white jackets. Here our maiden is back to wearing just her regular strands of pearls after enjoying her red Santa hat for the holidays. 

Dress your bed and home in ethereal whites

Change out your duvet cover for something chic and all white for a clean bright look. The wedding dress makes the cut for now but will go back in its box soon. The bench at the foot of our bed is new and was found at an amazing price during Black Friday sales this year at Target. Courtney of French Country Cottage has a lighter grey bench and I love hers! You can see it in her cottage bedroom here. 

Toss a softer tartan throw on your sofa or easy chair to add to the French Nordic look. Pair your chair with a Shabby Chic bolster for added back support when relaxing and enjoying a good read.

And if a bit of Christmas gets forgotten and is still around…
Enjoy the holiday look a little more!

What do you do to freshen your New Year’s decor?
Hope you’ve enjoyed this little home tour.

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Happy New Year 2020!

18 thoughts on “Transition in the New Year ~ How to Change from Christmas to French Nordic Winter Decor”

  1. Happy New Year! I love your French Nordic stylings. So calm and pretty with all the whites! The wedding dress is gorgeous and I like the pearls on your maiden. All such good ideas for winter decor.

  2. These are wonderful ideas and your home is lovely. I've been so busy removing everything from my kitchen cupboards and cleaning up after water in the basement that I haven't touched a bit of Christmas and it's beginning to get to me! Which is what I should be doing instead of blogging!

  3. I absolutely love the Winter White decor! It is the perfect transition from Christmas to winter. However, with two young sons in my home, this decor would never work for me! But I certainly can admire it in your home! Thanks for linking up, my friend.Shelbeewww.shelbeeontheedge.com

  4. Barb, Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!! Joe truly enjoyed wearing all his crazy Christmas tee shirts to work this year…Yes, it was a hard year and a tough Christmas for my Nieces without their Dad but they definitely handles it like he would have wanted them to.They decorated the house to the nines and celebrated like they would have if he was there with him which i am sure he was in spirit….I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your first finance…how awful that must be for you…I do want to wish you a Happy Birthday!! Mine is this month too…at the end of the month!!!Happy New Year to you and your family!!Hugs,Debbie

  5. Happy New Year Barb, may it be filled with lots of love and laughter, and I do so love your decor style. So calm and peaceful with loads of character and personal touches all over the place.

  6. Oh NO!!! I am sooo sorry that you have flooding in your basement… Grrrr!!! Our son and DIL had to deal with a little in their home the first year they moved in. Sump pump needed to be cleaned out and some other things. Hope you are getting it all cleaned out and fresh! Hope the Christmas goodies are getting put away; our tree is now lights and ornament free! (though still put together… ;))Hugs and prayers as you go through all this…Barb

  7. Hi Sarah, thank you so much! We still have some Christmas decor up (as I read this on Jan. 15th) but it is getting there. Working sure puts a damper on getting to decor and blogging, lol!!Thank you for the well-wishes for 2020,Hugs,Barb 🙂

  8. Shelbee, I know how you feel… When Peter was younger and his friends came over, they lived on the red sofa. NO issues if there were spills, pizza, sweaty bodies sleeping overnight, etc. 😉 The other living room at our last house was MINE! Amy and I enjoyed reading in there and afternoon light. Someday for you…. <3Thank you again for the sweet thoughts,Barb 🙂

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