Labor Day Weekend "Fix It’s" Around the House

Labor Day weekend was all about fixing little projects around the house. Mr. Ethereal wanted to do these things for a while and with a bonus just in, now was the right time…

Laundry needs

Our Sears Kenmore washer and dryer are 25+ years old and these last few weeks as I have been using the dryer, it only blows warm air once in a while. The thermostat must be broken. We learned about five years ago now that replacement parts weren’t being made for our set anymore from a repairman who worked on our washer then, so it is time for a new set.

This has been a great washing machine even with its rusted out case.
Hubby and I have looked at what’s available on the market and I still like a top loader so that is mostly likely what we will purchase to replace these.

Bathroom needs

This vintage commode ran continuously and was too short for us and our aging knees, so we picked out a taller Kohler extended bowl style with a self-closing lid to replace it. 

When Hubby pulled out the old toilet he found wallpaper still in place. We thought I’d better paint before he went any farther with the installation so I quickly added some Valspar Comet Dust #5006-1A I used in the craft room (post still coming ~ still need to finish putting some things away) to the area behind the toilet. 

Any guesses on how old this wallpaper is?
Here’s the new toilet ready for its new area paint job!
The other bathroom project was replacing the moldy caulking in the master bathroom shower. After Hubby removed all of the old caulking I scrubbed and bleached the lower walls and joints to prep for new caulk.

Electrical needs

When we moved into this house our inspector noted that the three dimmer switches in the living, dining and family room areas needed replacing. Hubby picked out these sliding dimmers with rockers which turn on and off the switch.

No more snap, crackle and pop ~ a good thing!

While Mr. Ethereal was doing these little jobs I’ve been working on a t-shirt quilt for our son’s birthday. Begun in June I have been working steadily on it throughout the summer. The seam binding is being sewn on now. I hope to finish it this week and to share a post with you soon.

Blessings to you,

7 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend "Fix It’s" Around the House”

  1. Barbara you were quite busy over the weekend. And its a good thing too because those little jobs will pile up if you let them and then there is no getting them done.

  2. Hi Mary! These little things were left from the move-in so we are happy to knock them off the list. The w/d is coming along. Still looking at options. Hope all is well with you and your family,Barb 🙂

  3. Thank you, Jeanie! I'm slowing down a bit for fall, especially with getting back to work again. Excited to do some decorating and more sewing, though. Happy fall to you,Barb 🙂

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