Short + Sweet ~ 5 Minute Spring Mantel Refresh

Welcome everyone, if you are new to French Ethereal
or are already a good friend now, I am so glad you are here!
Today I am sharing a quick and easy 5 Minute Mantel Refresh using things found around the home. Joining me are friends who are part of this month’s Short + Sweet blog hop hosted by
Benita at Chasing Quaintness, thank you Benita!  

If you are coming over from Judith at Botanic Blue welcome!
If you missed last month’s Short + Sweet posts you can find them here

Let’s put together our mantel, shall we?

For this mantel

For this spring mantelscape I looked around at the spring bunny centerpiece I had put together recently and decided to pull the second bunny to use in today’s decor.

This little French Script bunny I found last year at H.E.B. grocery down in Waco, Texas. Here is a similar little rabbit if you are looking for one of your own.

Destination Holiday Sitting Bunny Decor

This is not a sponsored post ~ I just love H-E-B grocery and the fun decorations
and their flower selections!
With this bunny I brought in some of the green moss to put under her feet, then picked out some faux pink peonies, white rose stems and a couple of white hydrangeas.

For your mantel add in your favorite flower stems real or faux ~ part of the fun in decorating is changing something to suite your particular decor!

Next to bring in are: candlesticks with a little sparkle and a few tea light holders. I balanced the taller candlesticks with two on either side of the vintage mirror. The tea light holders I used the “rule of three.” The tall and short complement each other ~ just a little decorating hint ~ the contrast in heights adds visual interest to one’s decorating.

The last thing to add is something really personal ~ in this case the chocolate bunny molds, also used in the centerpiece challenge.
Simple and Sweet and easy to recreate in your home with items you have in your own stash of spring treasures.

Thanks for stopping by today! Benita at Chasing Quaintness is up next and I know you’ll love what she is sharing with us.
Also follow the links below to see what everyone else has
for you on today’s Short + Sweet tour.


23 thoughts on “Short + Sweet ~ 5 Minute Spring Mantel Refresh”

  1. Barb, I love that shapely mirror above your mantel. I have a similar one but mine is rectangle. It belonged to my grandfather, so I love it. Your little bunnies are adorable.:) gwingal


  2. Barb, I love that shapely mirror above your mantel. I have a similar one but mine is rectangle. It belonged to my grandfather, so I love it. Your little bunnies are adorable.:) gwingal


  3. Barb, your mantel looks so pretty. A combination of fun, charming, and classic. I love it.. Thanks for your visit. I'm not going to hold my breath over the water rates. You must remember they are worth their weight in GOLD!!!Happy Monday..Judy


  4. Barb, thank you so much for participating! I appreciate it! I love your mantel, it is so pretty and colorful for spring! I love your little decoupaged rabbit! Hugs!


  5. I found this mirror in an antique shop in Murrieta, California about 8-10 years ago now, maybe more. It has been above our fireplace and sometimes above my dresser ever since… I imagine you appreciate yours every time you walk by it. ❤ It is pretty special. Glad you like the bunnies, too!Blessings to you, Nikki,Barb 🙂


  6. Me, too, Mary. Me, too. I'll be by to visit your post probably tomorrow. Taking a break from most things today ~ 27 days of full tilt… I'm beat and making myself rest, except for Share Your Style. Thank you for your encouragement, as always,Barb 🙂


  7. Hi Julie! Thank you, they are pretty cool. I've been thinking of sending them to my daughter as she loves to make chocolate creations. She'd really use them. <3Happy spring blessings,Barb 🙂


  8. Cindy, if you ever get to High Point Market, there are a TON of them at one of the shops. This shop also had literally hundreds of ironstone tureens, olive buckets and just an assortment of great decor items. Golden Oldies is the shop's name. If you'd like to read more, the post I wrote a couple of years ago is: https://www.frenchethereal.net/2017/10/7-favorite-showrooms-at-high-point.html. Thank you for your thoughts. <3Blessings to you,Barb 🙂


  9. Hi Rosemary! I use bunnies all year long, too. I have a few outdoor cement and resin ones. Somewhere still in all the boxes I have some of those rabbits we all were sewing back in the 90's with really long ears… I'm sure they will make an appearance once we are fully settled. `;0)Happy spring to you!Barb 🙂


  10. Oh, thank you, Hillary! I do love the color pink and it's pretty much all year long. 😉 I found those bunny molds at High Point Market about 1 1/2 years ago now. They have a lot for sale for cash buyers if you get to go sometime ~ it's a pretty neat place with so much to see! Thanks again,Hugs,Barb 🙂


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