Storm Watch ~ Ice Crystals and Icicles

Ice storms and snow  are almost unheard of where we came from in Southern California but I am finding the longer we live
here in North Texas the more varieties of weather
there are here…

Ethereal  in its frozen beauty sharply outlining each tree and each blade of grass with winter’s magic…
The rain was freezing in long dripping icicles as our temps sat at 29-31 degrees last week for a couple of days.
Needless to say, the heaters were working overtime to keep
ourselves and our neighbors warm!

The Girls  wore icicles in their crowns rather somewhat
Chandeliers of ice and dried tears…

The pansies  didn’t seem to mind the freezing rain and are a colorful understudy to the glassy crepe myrtle limbs above.

 Surreal in black and white
Amazing to me to see everything stark in neutrals.
Loved the laciness of the tree branches though ice is sooo
heavy and a few branches around our area broke from
this added weight.
Beautiful in its treachery.

This original  photo didn’t quite “pick out” the ice as it
truly was so on Instagram I played with it and came up with
the leading photograph ~ really shows the sparkle and
icy allée as it really was ~ a snow globe of
frozen magic!

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Keep warm where you are,

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