Summer Outdoor Living Blog Hop Party

Summer outdoor living…
Time to take a break and relax outside a little ~
have friends stop by for a cookout…
One of our favorite things…

Outdoor living for my husband and I
have always included a garden and today 
we will go on a little
tour of those we have had here
at our 
Prairie Home in Texas

A view out to the incoming road from Site #72
If you are new to French Ethereal, welcome!
My husband and I moved here last fall with
a job transfer from California to Texas.
We currently live in Sanger, a small farm town 
of about 2500 people,
about an hour north of Dallas.

We are really enjoying living the country life!

Summertime at the Big House ~ the hollyhocks were blooming in amongst the roses.

This is my former garden in our last home
in Southern California.
My gardens have evolved over the past 30 years 
however they all began with roses and
this last big garden was my little 
version of Versaille.

Summer outdoor living to me always 
blends gardens and gardening.  
For me, outdoor living goes hand in hand
with working in the garden.
At that last house, we built a pool so it was lovely 
to go sit outside with a glass of iced tea
then putter about weeding and trimming roses.
When I’d get hot from working in the yard
it was nice to just hop in the pool 
for a quick cool-off.

Here, it’s just a short walk over to the pool
behind the barn.

We just moved over to this new site
{which will hopefully allow us to have a small shed out back}
a couple of weeks ago and it has been 
really hot and buggy
so arranging the garden area
is going to take a bit more planning.

The basil and hydrangea are already out front.

This area gets morning shade and full afternoon sun
the plants will probably all move
in front of the fifth-wheel for the next
couple of months.
How does one adapt a garden as one
moves around?  Plant in pots of course!
{preferably lightish weight ones! LOL!}

We are enjoying this raised patio with seating for two.  I might look for a lightweight table to add here for alfresco dining.
The previous tenant had built this little patio area
{one of the reasons we chose this site}
and he left it and the cinder blocks
so I rebuilt them as a little fence
and deck area.

Outdoor living might also mean hosting small 
furry friends in the yard.
We feed birdseed to the local birds
but the local rabbits enjoy coming over
to nibble, too!
This fellow and two companions
were romping about last evening
as we came back from a sunset walk.

My favorite garden style is sort of a mixture
between a very formal French Garden
with parterres and clipped boxwood hedges and plants
and the blousy overblown
English Garden style.

One of my favorite things to do outdoors
is have friends over for a tea party.
For fifteen-plus years, I belonged to a group
in Riverside County, California called
The Victorian Tea Society
and every month each one of us ladies
took a turn hosting a tea.
We often had our whole tea out of doors
under a patio cover or under a large
outdoor umbrella.

I think we will be looking for an
umbrella soon!
Our current outdoor patio area ~ a work in progress
I hope you have enjoyed our outdoor living tour.
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