Playing with Black and White ~ My New Canon Zoom Lens

This week has been all about something
I can’t share yet… until it happens
you’ll be sure to hear if it does!

Until then, I’m all over the place making ready
so no real posts this week yet
since Sunday until now…

Today I thought I’d share some 
black and white 
and sepia
photos with you that I’ve taken recently 
with my new
Canon Zoom Lens
EF 24-105mm IS USM
{hopefully I’ve got all that right! I put the whole thing in the title
up top, just in case! 😉 }

taken with the new lens
Today it’s really about letting the camera 
do the talking…
I just worked on focusing the lens
on different spots and seeing what came of it.
Taken with the standard lens which came with the camera

Taken with the new lens?  No, I think this is with the old. Love it, though!

new! focused on the front board ~ love the bokeh effect
or the blurring of everything else
The Canon zoom lens is able to hyper focus
to a specific point/plane
which is exactly what I was looking for
for photographing 

Love the caning on this settee!
Don’t you?

It mirrors this: the chair back seen
earlier in a Valentine’s Day post.
Changing gears ~ the house across the main road.
Up, up and away…
{I hope this comes out so it looks cool putting it in this post
with nothing but white around it!}

Finally a photo from last summer’s visit
to Magnolia Market.

I don’t usually shoot black and white
pictures, or edit them to remove color
but it’s fun when they come out that way.
I do like playing with high contrast.
It’s kinda fun! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope
you have enjoyed these little ole photos!
Let me know how you liked them and 
post up some of yours on FB
and tag me on French Ethereal.
It’d be fun to see yours and I know
other readers would 
love to see them, too!
Please share, pin, comment as you feel
with these. 
Thank you.
Blessings to you,
Barb 🙂

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