Sunrises and Sunsets ~ A New Look for French Ethereal

Sunrise over the Tucalota hills, Riverside County, California
I’ve always love sunrises.
I tend to wake up with the sun and for years 
went for a run in the dawn’s earliest light.
These days, I go for early morning walks
as the knees and arches aren’t what they
once were.

With that and transitioning into 2017
I feel a need to change things up
so you’ll be seeing a few changes
over here with a new look.

First is the change in the logo.
Still the same “old girl”
just a new look.
A sunset for the former header
but it was time and
I am really love this new look!
How about you?

Please leave me a comment and
share your thoughts, would you? 
Thank you!

The header is a LITTLE BIG
at the moment.
Google Help hopefully will get back
to me soon with how to unlock 
the template program.
{it’s really locked up…}
After that I’ll play around
with a few more changes.

For nowenjoy the new logo
and enjoy every sunrise!
Happy Friday and weekend to you!
Blessings to you,
xoxo Barb 🙂

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