Possibilities and Crossroads…

Love this! ~ Highland Ridge RVs have “wallpaper” stamped with mini “chandeliers!”

~ Possibilities ~
Yesterday sparked a new adventure
for my family and today
I’d like to share a little of that adventure…

Murrieta Hot Springs and Hancock ~ looking towards the coastal mountains

Crossroads… Like this photograph above
Do I turn left?
Do I turn right?
I can’t continue going blindly forward;
I need a plan…

A little wilderness area down at one of Murrieta’s parks, early fall 2014

Part of the New Plan
My hubby and I 
looking at larger living quarters and the possibilities
are good that sometime within a year
we should have a larger RV to live in until 
life changes again with job changes
and such.

This is our current trailer ~ all 27’4″ of it! We have squeezed into it as best as we can. 😉
I personally need a bigger living space!
Living in 50 square feet of space, if that, 
inside our current “tiny house”
just. isn’t. enough.
 … for me.

Hubby is happy living anywhere at all
and doesn’t mind 
this transition or lack of square footage 
at all.

When I’ve taken time off from writing 
here in this here little ole blog,
{which is supposed to be about decorating 
and living in a beautiful home}…
When I’m really, really silent
for a long time…
it’s. because. I. can’t. write.

Like putting periods at the end of each word 
for emphasis.
Those same periods are blocking me from
Getting work and photography done.

Life isn’t all roses and rosey…
I do get depressed about what has happened
and make no bones about it,
some days are just

most of the time I’m alright.

The Future ~ 
We are really hoping to be able to purchase 
“bigger tiny house” over this next year.

We are looking…

Beautiful bathrooms come standard with sinks where one can bend down to wash~up and
brush one’s teeth, residential taps on all faucets making an RV a “home away from home.”

I’ve personally lived in 34 different 
houses and apartments over the years first as a military brat, 
during college, then later as a military wife,
and now for the past 9 months in this trailer.
We are making it work though
cooking is quite a challenge!
It’s just another change
and mostly… I’m okay with change.

I still get to talk with birds and put out birdseed,
{our transient neighbors might think me a little weird}
I’m trying to make “a go” of this little garden
even with squirrels, rabbits and other rodents
munching away on every last, tasty, soft morsel
and leaf!

It’s important to Know Oneself
I know what I need to keep me sane and feeling whole.

So, Hubby and
are actively looking at fifth-wheels
and have found some great options!

This one I’m sharing today is from Highland Ridge.

Always check out the overhead lighting in the sleeping area! So important when
one person wants to sleep and the other likes reading in bed.
I like the bedrooms that are more like a “real bedroom” 
with space around the bed to actually make it.
{one of my pet peeves here!}
If that’s important to you like it is to me,
then you’ll agree that it’s a
“must have.”

Our shelving unit now in the “Tiny Home” is just visible to the left of the sewing table.

My other “must have”
More Closet Space!
You would laugh if you saw my old craft room
rack as our current “closet.”
It works, it is functional and it is a light oak 
that is open and airy~feeling but you’d still laugh
that to make the bed takes over a 
half~hour each time
wears one out with the making of it.
I laugh over thisour craft room which was 10′ x 10′
was bigger than inside our “tiny home…”

We are liking the t.v./fireplace areas available in mid-range fifth-wheel RVs.
We are shopping used and new and
comparing brands, price~points, and
“what our absolute needs are”
~ vs~
“what can we live without.”

Good cupboard space and a pots and pans drawer under the range.

I’m loving the china cabinet so I could bring some real dishes!

So the New Plan is in the works! 
The Next Part goes with my whole wanting to take
French Ethereal to the next level…

But more about that next time!
Blessings to you,
As always, Please “Like” my page and do “Share” with your friends!
Will be working on more fun decorating, and some craft ideas
coming up! Thank you!!

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